Friday, October 23, 2015

Audio Clarity Provided

Beta Testing and Audio Clarity

With our beta testing group representing a very broad demographic, including ages from the teens to over 90 years and career pursuits from student and music,  to medicine and machinists, we were pleasantly surprised to find a recurring theme in the responses given to us following trials of the App an these are quotes;

It’s given me my hearing back! I don’t listen to music without it!”  John Tristao

My hearing flaws from working in high noise areas in factories were restored.”
Fred Pfeiffer

These two quotes are a sample of many more that describe one  of several benefits MindMagic®Audio provides, at the very least, anecdotally.   The first quote is the front singer for Credence Clearwater Revisited and the second is a long time skilled machinist.   What they are both describing is a unique and compelling advantage to regular use of MindMagic®Audio while listening to your favorite music – it seems many of our use group share their experience in enhanced or improved hearing.    These ‘anecdotal, albeit, powerful observations have been reported by those individuals who simply listen to music for personal enjoyment, as well as professional mix engineers, producers and artists.  The same individuals and may others who comment on the improved fidelity and image of every song they play through MindMagic®Audio, share the sense of reduced listening fatigue, extending the time they listen, perhaps increasing the inherent benefits of music.

Clinical trials confirm music is therapeutic and helpful in reducing stress and the healing process.  We are excited about the potential for improving anyone’s hearing, if only during the joyful experience of listening to music. Perhaps in time and via clinical trials, we’ll find more than anecdotal evidence to support our claim - ‘Improve Your Music, Improve Your Life’

I’ll soon blog on the physiological impact pf psychoacoustics from the MindMagic®Audio perspective.

Best wishes For A Better Listening Experience,

Bruce A Forbes, CEO
Audio Global, LLC

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

First Blog

Welcome to the new MindMagic®Audio Blog. Here you can find very useful information about the MindMagic®Audio App. Return frequently for updates.

Warm Regards,
The MindMagic®Audio Team

Happy Listening!